Hey, yesterday was Tangtang;s birthday.~We all have a great time .~

but the truth is, - -. we spent a whole afternoon playing a stupid game = =.

the characters are so funny, silly, ugly but a little lovely =0=

we were crazy= =  even yip all the time at there~

the party turned out to be very successful.

and probably we were pretty tired when we got home last night = =

as far as i'm concerd, actually we did nothing in the afternoon but played games.

so, it's obvious that we roar and yip too long  = =.

and it made us so tired = =~

My god..~~~~~~

maybe we looks like a group wild children.~~ hah~

Ew..................................there were many lovely servant girls.and tantang was in them.

though we yip, and we were stirabout. at least we did nothing bad.

in terms of playing PSP games,  i really have't any experience.

Ew........................................ - =

taht's all . just wanna share my happy mood.~~ -V-

Just make a report~

Well, I'm just writing something about our match of 17173 Games in 8.1.

What team?    森罗万象

As it's, we were so busy at that day. Even I have no time to meet 4 new team partners.

I felt so soory. Fortuntely, they are friendly and much kindness.

But, I'm not very happy about the match,even the team.

I know, I really , really know, I can't say words like that.

But,all the things just like hot potatos.

Let me down.    That's truth.

I wanna a team that we can face every difficulties together.

And we must have great sense of responsibility.

but what have we got?  

The youth should be armed with knowledge.

And we have to be arned with our confident,

Every is your duty.

Someone selfish, someone thought not at all.

I just wanna express what let me down, .

I really blew up when someone was self-righteous.

well , boys and girls, 

At least we finished the game succeed.

There were too many abominable things .

Go for the next match.

we'll never stop.

and the name list?

六条 壬晴——珞茬

相泽 虹一——小明

云平 惟 ——小受

清水 雷鸣——Yusuke

清水 雷光——AKA

目黑 俄雨——边边

雪见 和彦——冥

天立 和穗——MISAL

风魔 小太郎——千叶

南 十字——软心糖

沙 椤——Dark

宵   风——小狐

时   雨——奈奈

  雹    ——锦瑟


黑钢野 诗稿——兔子

  昂    ——籽籽

















And for the Video Frequency.

the address.http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTA5ODkyNjYw.html


团长扔一张= =!


哎- -,囧。



慢慢丢图~ 团长一张= =






Oh,my god, TOT, my dear Fox please ~!

hurry up , please .~i'll be waiting for you ~TOT,

I have to take the English lesson and I don't wanna be late TOT!

Please .~~!!!    Ouch.

Accumulate great wealth by hard work.~ But in fact I'm a lazy guy  .>0<

Nothing to do !! Wating is the most terrible thing in the world!!!


Handing some photos of my love~ O(∩_∩)O~

Taylor Swift~ I like your music. You are so excellent and won those big award.

And your sweet look is of great importance -v-



● about me ●
Yeah, I'm a mystery girl.-V-
●My Dearest●
My parents, and all my friends!
●Favorite stars●
Aaron Carter Jesse Mccartney
Vanessa Flame W-inds
●Favorite art●
And so on

属性:水 O(∩_∩)O

< 黑 猫 > 林.夏欧利
<生化危机> 艾丽丝

热爱御姐! 女王!

once in a lifetime
means there's no second chance
so i believe that you and me
should grab it while we can
make it last forever
and never give it back
it's our turn
and i'm loving where we're at
because this moment's really all we have

☆★ 计划 ★☆
刘备 玄德

清水 雷鸣

T-wing key




<生化危机> 艾丽丝

那么,Come on!~~

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