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How to say my latest life, My dear brother came to Wuhan from Shenzhen.
Yeah, And my Dear sister Kimini's goliday will come soon.
So these days I'll go to her home and live there for some days.
I'm really happy about this.
Oh,Oh, I konw some friends tell me that they hate my blog because there are too many English.
Sorry, I'll still write English , I like it, HahHah,
Can you tell me some beautiful English songs? I stay at home everyday,and feel so boring.
Or some English movies? I read 4 English book.
But now I don't wanna read any book. I don't know either.
And I just wanna go to Milexing to sing with with sister and friends.
But I still wait for her.Maybe we will go there tomorrow? the day after tomorrow?
OhOh, I need to find something to do.
Summer vacation is really long, and short. I'll use it in a good way.
But what can I do now? AhaAha, This goddamn waiting!
My aunt talk with me everyday when she came to Wuhan.
And I told her something about lose weight. Hahaha,~
Everyone should Keep fit. But these are not important things.
She told me life is different.I really really know. But I feel warm.
My relatives,my friends, my classmates give me lots of love and support I forever.
I thanked. I will remember these love.
They will make me strong!





● about me ●
Yeah, I'm a mystery girl.-V-
●My Dearest●
My parents, and all my friends!
●Favorite stars●
Aaron Carter Jesse Mccartney
Vanessa Flame W-inds
●Favorite art●
And so on

属性:水 O(∩_∩)O

< 黑 猫 > 林.夏欧利
<生化危机> 艾丽丝

热爱御姐! 女王!

once in a lifetime
means there's no second chance
so i believe that you and me
should grab it while we can
make it last forever
and never give it back
it's our turn
and i'm loving where we're at
because this moment's really all we have

☆★ 计划 ★☆
刘备 玄德

清水 雷鸣

T-wing key




<生化危机> 艾丽丝

那么,Come on!~~

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